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The EMPOWER YOUR LIFE-INSTITUTE method helps you to see life differently in order to enjoy health and well-being, no matter if the problem is your own, your partner's or your family's. We also offer joint sessions for siblings, partners, family, friends and family. We also offer joint sessions for siblings, partners, family members, friends and loved ones to help them.

President Silke Maria also offers other types of self-help and courses.


At EMPOWER YOUR LIFE-INSTITUTE we use a universal method that helps you in the following aspects of your life:






Abundance - Satisfaction


Spirituality and personal growth

Improve your life

There are times when life situations overwhelm us and we don't know how to deal with them rationally. The problems can be of various kinds: work, emotional, health, parenting, family or economic and with our unique system we can help you overcome these obstacles and get that transformation you are looking for, need and want.

In EMPOWER YOUR LIFE-INSTITUTE we propose an increase in awareness with a process in which you will train your mind, your body and your breathing to use them as tools to achieve wellbeing. You will see problems from a different perspective to overcome any process that is harming you.